In one way or another, your car may get messy which seems to be distressful. Taking a meal at the car is very comfortable to many of us while it may result to your car looking disorganized and untidy. No matter what period of the year it may be, you can keep your car tidy. German Imports Auto Repair brings you some car washing tips you need to be aware of to make your car look awesome and appealing to the eye.

Lint roller

Lint roller is a perfect match for you if you either have pets playing around inside your car and leaving the hair all through, or kids spilling food or snack crumbs. Rollers are known to easily and effectively zip up any food spills or pet hair leaving your car look great.

Little tools

The little nooks, seams and crannies all over the car are prone to dirt, dirt skin cell as well as hair. Detailing tools, which are much cheaper are the best to use for this purpose. You can effectively use any fitting brush like old toothbrush, make up brush or else paintbrush to reach into cracks and crevices.

DIY dashboard and console cleaner

To clean the dashboard, you can opt to use spray and wipes or make DIY clean solution. Put it in a spray bottle and use it to clean the inside of your car.  Watch this video of a full interior detail.

Windshield wipers

Streaky spots and dirt may build on your windshield. To remove this, use a paper towel and dip it in alcohol. Rubbing the towel along the length of the blade will eventually remove the grime.

Cabin air filters

You might not that you are not getting fresh air inside your car. This may be as a result of cabin air filters or furnace filters wearing. This needs to be changed periodically depending on the car smell.

DIY Tire scrub

Your car rims can ruin the look of your whole car. Thorough cleaning of rims gives your car a perfect look. You can make a tire scrub solution to help you with this.

Clean regularly

Keep a microfiber cloth and a lint roller in your box. This ensures that you regularly clean your car in case of any dirt. By applying some or all of the above tips, your car will be perfectly clean in all seasons.