Many people find that washing their car to be very tricky. Some car owners end up destroying the painting on their cars by using the wrong ways to wash their cars. Visit us or read on to discover 7 mistakes you should avoid when doing your car wash.

1. Avoid poor car washing patterns.

When washing your car, you should consider starting from the top as you head down to the wheels. By using this technique, you will avoid smearing dirt from the vehicle’s wheel onto other parts of the vehicle. You should also try to pay close attention to what you are washing to avoid smearing the dirt debris on your car paint.

2. You should avoid using inappropriate cleaning treatment and waxes.

It is important that you use the appropriate car washing products that are eco-friendly to maintain the paint on your car. You should avoid using household chemicals and soap that are likely to strip off the clear coat and the oxide paint leaving your car looking dull.

3. Avoid the sun while washing your car.

It is important to avoid washing your car in direct sunlight or where there is much heat because the cleaning product that you are using is likely to dry much faster because of the heat from the sun before you wash it off leaving your car with stains.

4. Avoid using inappropriate tools to wash your car.

Investing in proper car washing equipment is also an important aspect. Using the appropriate equipment’s to wash your car will help you in cleaning some of the intricate spots of your car.

5. Dry your car to avoid watermarks.

You should use minimal force when drying the water on your car to avoid unnecessary damages on the car paint while getting rid of watermarks.

6. Avoid using too little or too much wax on your car.

Before applying wax on your car you should ensure that it is well cleaned. You should pay close attention on your wax products and avoid overusing or using too little wax. You should also ensure that you apply the wax when the temperature is right.

7. Avoid wiping off dirt sports after washing.

On spotting a grime after you are done washing your car, it is advisable to wash the car again. Using a dry towel to wipe off the grime is likely to insert the dirt particles on your car paint as you try scratching it off.

In conclusion,

It is important to use the appropriate car washing materials in order for you to avoid damaging the painting on your car.