Many car owners tell us at  that washing it can be quite tedious sometimes. But since keeping it clean is very important as it will extend the life of your car, you have no option. This means looking for efficient means of washing can be the only way out.

One of the best cars washing machines is the pressure washer. Although many people say its incredible, you might still be having doubts on whether you should buy it.

So, are portable car wash machines any good? Let’s find out with a rundown of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using A Portable Car Wash Machine

1. Easy to Use

This is perhaps one of its most significant advantages. Using a pressure washer is quite easy which makes cleaning your car more comfortable. Besides, this will enable you to clean the car faster getting rid of all the grime and dirt.

2. Flexible

Flexibility is a factor you will appreciate when washing your car. It enables you to access most parts of your car and even gets rid of the mud or small twigs stuck between the cracks. Getting to these parts when using a simple car washing machine can be quite tricky.

3. High Amount of Pressure

When washing your car, getting rid of stains, smudges or bird poop can be difficult. But a portable car washing machine comes with an excellent amount of pressure that enables you to get rid of all the dirt easily.

Disadvantages of Using A Portable Car Wash Machine

Apart from the cost of acquiring this machine, high water, and electricity bill which can be high, the major challenge is handling the high pressure. If you fail to adjust the water pressure correctly, then you might end up damaging your car.

For this reason, make sure you know how to adjust the water pressure to suit your needs before you start using the machine.


So, is it a wise decision to buy a portable car washing machine? Well, depending on your needs, you might have to weigh between the advantage and disadvantages listed above before investing in the machine. Generally, a pressure washer is a great machine to have that makes your work much easier.

Click here to view a video time lapse of the pressure washer in use on a variety of cars.