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Why You Should Only Use A Professional Car Washer

Keeping the car clean and the paint in good condition means that you need to wash your car frequently.  If it is not done right, it can cause damage to the paint that is expensive to repair or in some cases, irreversible. In the same way Our Services are always done right the first time.  A professional car washer can help protect the paint by following some simple guidelines. They will not skip certain steps in their washing routines and will take their time to ensure that the job is done properly.

How Professionals Wash Cars

First, professional car washers have access to what regular folks know as professional grade products. This means that they have better car shampoo, industrial grade power washers, polishing tools, high-quality degreasers, wax and so on. They follow a strict multi-step cleaning process that removes dirt, impurities and protects the paint.

Protecting the Paint Using the Right Tools and Techniques

A professional will always use clean microfiber cloths, grit guards, clean washing mist and dedicated car products. Professionals will always use a new microfiber towel is the one being used is dirty. The impurities lifted off the paint of the car that got stuck into the towel can scratch the clear coat. Therefore, they always use clean microfiber towels. It is probably the most important know trick used by professionals.

Grit guars used in buckets also help a lot. When a towel is rinsed in clean water, the impurities that end up in the water will stay at the bottom of the bucket and the grit guard will prevent the towel from getting filled again with dirt.

To get long lasting results, professionals will also use finishing products and will apply a wax coat onto the paint. This will prevent impurities from sticking directly onto the paint and will offer protection that lasts for several months. If done on a regular basis, the car paint will remain preserved for many years and will not require polishing to remove the haziness from the clear coat.

But do you need the extra services the professionals offer?  Find out which ones are worth the extra money.

Hand Wash Vs Automatic Car Wash

Whether you are driving the latest car brand or the ancient one, we all want our cars to look great. And as long as that car is in use, it accumulates dirt and grimes irrespective of the prevailing weather condition. This leads us to today’s question, hand wash vs automatic car wash, which one is better for you?

Well, at BMW Repair Specialist we understand that for some people, cars tend to hold a greater deal of sentimental value to them and they can’t bear seeing a scratch on them.  Therefore, they prefer hand washing them on their own with the fear that the automatic car wash will cause damages to its glossy finish. However, with reference to a study done by the University of Texas, the results prove otherwise. The report showed that, with just one hand-washing, your car can bear scratches in the finish which can be as deep as 1/10th of the total thickness of the car’s paintwork. Here are some of the reasons that make automatic car wash a better option.

(1). Tools

Hand washing involves tools such as sponges, garden hose, towels and a large volume of water. Sand particles tend to accumulate in the pores of the sponge and the water pressure from the hose can’t fully rinse off the detergent from the car’s finish and this may eventually damage it. On the other hand, automatic car wash uses the right hydraulic pressure, detergent and the pads and curtains moves evenly to nature the paintwork.

(2). Hand washing is time costly

It’s time intensive and doesn’t guarantee good work unlike automatic that uses a machine to quickly perform a remarkable job. But for an experienced detailer, you will get a cleaner car.

(3). Environmental effects

Automatic car wash is friendly to the environment, in that, it uses less water and friendly detergents. Hand washing may cause water pollution as the detergents may enter into the soil and reach the water bodies.

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Doing Your Car Wash

Many people find that washing their car to be very tricky. Some car owners end up destroying the painting on their cars by using the wrong ways to wash their cars. Visit us or read on to discover 7 mistakes you should avoid when doing your car wash.

1. Avoid poor car washing patterns.

When washing your car, you should consider starting from the top as you head down to the wheels. By using this technique, you will avoid smearing dirt from the vehicle’s wheel onto other parts of the vehicle. You should also try to pay close attention to what you are washing to avoid smearing the dirt debris on your car paint.

2. You should avoid using inappropriate cleaning treatment and waxes.

It is important that you use the appropriate car washing products that are eco-friendly to maintain the paint on your car. You should avoid using household chemicals and soap that are likely to strip off the clear coat and the oxide paint leaving your car looking dull.

3. Avoid the sun while washing your car.

It is important to avoid washing your car in direct sunlight or where there is much heat because the cleaning product that you are using is likely to dry much faster because of the heat from the sun before you wash it off leaving your car with stains.

4. Avoid using inappropriate tools to wash your car.

Investing in proper car washing equipment is also an important aspect. Using the appropriate equipment’s to wash your car will help you in cleaning some of the intricate spots of your car.

5. Dry your car to avoid watermarks.

You should use minimal force when drying the water on your car to avoid unnecessary damages on the car paint while getting rid of watermarks.

6. Avoid using too little or too much wax on your car.

Before applying wax on your car you should ensure that it is well cleaned. You should pay close attention on your wax products and avoid overusing or using too little wax. You should also ensure that you apply the wax when the temperature is right.

7. Avoid wiping off dirt sports after washing.

On spotting a grime after you are done washing your car, it is advisable to wash the car again. Using a dry towel to wipe off the grime is likely to insert the dirt particles on your car paint as you try scratching it off.

In conclusion,

It is important to use the appropriate car washing materials in order for you to avoid damaging the painting on your car.

7 Best car washing tips you should know right now

In one way or another, your car may get messy which seems to be distressful. Taking a meal at the car is very comfortable to many of us while it may result to your car looking disorganized and untidy. No matter what period of the year it may be, you can keep your car tidy. German Imports Auto Repair brings you some car washing tips you need to be aware of to make your car look awesome and appealing to the eye.

Lint roller

Lint roller is a perfect match for you if you either have pets playing around inside your car and leaving the hair all through, or kids spilling food or snack crumbs. Rollers are known to easily and effectively zip up any food spills or pet hair leaving your car look great.

Little tools

The little nooks, seams and crannies all over the car are prone to dirt, dirt skin cell as well as hair. Detailing tools, which are much cheaper are the best to use for this purpose. You can effectively use any fitting brush like old toothbrush, make up brush or else paintbrush to reach into cracks and crevices.

DIY dashboard and console cleaner

To clean the dashboard, you can opt to use spray and wipes or make DIY clean solution. Put it in a spray bottle and use it to clean the inside of your car.  Watch this video of a full interior detail.

Windshield wipers

Streaky spots and dirt may build on your windshield. To remove this, use a paper towel and dip it in alcohol. Rubbing the towel along the length of the blade will eventually remove the grime.

Cabin air filters

You might not that you are not getting fresh air inside your car. This may be as a result of cabin air filters or furnace filters wearing. This needs to be changed periodically depending on the car smell.

DIY Tire scrub

Your car rims can ruin the look of your whole car. Thorough cleaning of rims gives your car a perfect look. You can make a tire scrub solution to help you with this.

Clean regularly

Keep a microfiber cloth and a lint roller in your box. This ensures that you regularly clean your car in case of any dirt. By applying some or all of the above tips, your car will be perfectly clean in all seasons.

Are Portable Car Wash Machines Any Good?

Many car owners tell us at  that washing it can be quite tedious sometimes. But since keeping it clean is very important as it will extend the life of your car, you have no option. This means looking for efficient means of washing can be the only way out.

One of the best cars washing machines is the pressure washer. Although many people say its incredible, you might still be having doubts on whether you should buy it.

So, are portable car wash machines any good? Let’s find out with a rundown of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using A Portable Car Wash Machine

1. Easy to Use

This is perhaps one of its most significant advantages. Using a pressure washer is quite easy which makes cleaning your car more comfortable. Besides, this will enable you to clean the car faster getting rid of all the grime and dirt.

2. Flexible

Flexibility is a factor you will appreciate when washing your car. It enables you to access most parts of your car and even gets rid of the mud or small twigs stuck between the cracks. Getting to these parts when using a simple car washing machine can be quite tricky.

3. High Amount of Pressure

When washing your car, getting rid of stains, smudges or bird poop can be difficult. But a portable car washing machine comes with an excellent amount of pressure that enables you to get rid of all the dirt easily.

Disadvantages of Using A Portable Car Wash Machine

Apart from the cost of acquiring this machine, high water, and electricity bill which can be high, the major challenge is handling the high pressure. If you fail to adjust the water pressure correctly, then you might end up damaging your car.

For this reason, make sure you know how to adjust the water pressure to suit your needs before you start using the machine.


So, is it a wise decision to buy a portable car washing machine? Well, depending on your needs, you might have to weigh between the advantage and disadvantages listed above before investing in the machine. Generally, a pressure washer is a great machine to have that makes your work much easier.

Click here to view a video time lapse of the pressure washer in use on a variety of cars.

3 Best Ways To Wash Under Carriage Of Your Car

If your car is relatively new, chances are that you may not have to wash the undercarriage of your car. But, if you travel frequently then it must be washed because the cars tend to collect dirt and debris from the roads. The best way to figure out whether you need to wash the undercarriage of your car is to lay down by the car and check it. You can use flashlight to establish if there is dirt or debris sticking to the undercarriage of your car. Or bring it to us at mercedes sf service and we will check it for you.

One of the major tools you will need to wash the undercarriage of your car is pressure washer. The power of the equipment would enable you to remove the debris easily. You can also grab a brush and solution to get rid of any hard stains that may not come out easily. Moreover, you will likely need car jacks to help make the task easy.

When it comes to washing the undercarriage of the car, the first thing you need to do is to lift the car to suitable height. Next, use the pressure washer to remove the dirt and debris. Make sure that you do not miss anything. Generally, the pressure washer is able to remove all the dirt under the vehicle. But, if there is plenty of dirt and debris under the vehicle, it may not be able to remove everything. The brush and a cleaner may be able to remove the hard stains.

Make sure to use a protectant on the metal. This will help protect against any damage that moisture may cause. Also, you will not have to clean it anytime soon.

With that said, knowing how to clean or wash the undercarriage of your car is crucial. If you cannot do it yourself, it will be a good idea to select an experienced professional to wash the undercarriage of your car.

Importance Of Anti Rust Service After Car Wash

When you go to a car wash there are many add-on services that are offered to you.  Which ones should you take and which ones should you skip?  Visit us for more recommendations specifically for your vehicle but read on to find out what we think of anti-rust sprays.

Should I get the anti-rust spray at the car wash?

An anti-rust treatment, in which the metal is treated in such a way that it is protected against corrosion and rust, is a beneficial process for cars that are in wet or snowy areas. However to be truly effective it would be sprayed inside the door panels, under the hood and in the boxed areas of the frame or unibody.  A full rust protection service costs on average $100 – $250 per vehicle, depending on type of vehicle.

The service offered with a carwash charges a few extra dollars to spray a solution on the vehicle’s exterior that washes off quickly and isn’t that effective.  We recommend you skip it.

What about an Undercarriage Wash?

If you live in a wet area, drive through mud or live in an area where the roads are salted in the winter then it is a good idea to get an undercarriage wash at least once a season. 

When your cars exterior protective layers are compromised, or if mud, sand, and salt get stuck in hard-to-clean recesses of a vehicle’s underbody that is when rust is bound to occur.  This requires a special washing to remove this hard to get at debris.

Keep in mind that all carwashes are not the same.  Effective treatment is a high-pressure wash of a car’s undercarriage to remove debris and prevents rust.  Check the underside of your car after the wash to make sure that your car wash can perform an effective service.

If you want to learn more about rustproofing your car read this guide.

How To Get Rid Of Window Spots: Easy DIY Guide

A nice clean car also has clear car windows. This is a real finishing touch after cleaning your car. In addition to the fact that your car looks a lot better, it also provides much less danger for you and other road users.  Read more for some of the best tips to clean and keep your car windows.

The exterior of the windows

First get rid of the insects and other large spots, it is useful to first remove that stubborn layer from your car windows and the rest of your car.  Hosing your car off is helpful.  A quality window cleaner works well.

Bumpers and bodywork

Usually, your bumpers and your body are also covered. Use a sponge for these larger pieces of dirt. In order not to damage your varnish or wax protection, it is advisable to put a stocking around the sponge. When you have removed the larger pieces you can continue with the rest of the cleaning work. The most cost-effective method is to fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a dash of detergent to it. Always use a cleaning cloth or chamois that does not leave any pieces on the car windows.

Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid can be used if your windows are extremely greasy; it is more convenient to add a dash of citric acid or pure alcohol, these remedies work on stubborn dirt. One mistake that people often make is the use of ammonia. This is great stuff for the windows of your house, but not for the car because it can damage the rubber, vinyl or leather of your car!

In addition, the stuff is also not good for your health. Special cleaners have also been developed for car window cleaning. Cleaners of the Aldi or Lidl generally work just as well as expensive brands from car shops. The Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner and Poorboys World Spray and Wipe are well-known examples of this. Make sure that you only spray the windows and not other parts of your car such as the upholstery because that can lead to discoloration.

After you have cleaned them dry the windows well. Then you could have the windows polished so that they shine like never before. Older windows, in particular, can have a lot of scratches and re-polishing is a lot cheaper than the total replacement of your windows. There are specialists who can do this for you, but it helps a lot if you use old newspapers to wipe your windows dry. The ink in the newspapers absorbs the residual particles that were left behind during the cleaning.

The inside of the car windows

You do not have to clean this side of your car window as often, because less dirt gets on it. It is nevertheless useful to take this into account during a major cleaning. It is a lot simpler than the outside because often no hard pieces are stuck to the windows. The best method for cleaning is to use some glass cleaner, such as Glassex.

Then use a piece of kitchen roll towel to thoroughly clean the windows. The cheaper cleaners can be found at the supermarket and the more expensive ones at specialist shops for car parts. The difference is mainly in the smell, the effect is generally the same.

Rainwater = better

If you have the option, don’t use tap water for your bucket, but rainwater that you can collect with a rain barrel, for example. There is no lime in it, so your car is saved from limescale during washing. If you add a peeled onion to the water, your windows will shine even more. If you spend a lot of time along the road, it is handy to keep cleaning wipes in your glove compartment. Brands such as P21S have put special wipes on the market that you can use to clean your windows on the spot.

These bags usually consist of a cleaning cloth and a dry cloth. Also, use this for cleaning your windscreen wipers. A final tip is Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant. Here you can rub the car windows and when it rains it ensures that drops roll directly from your windows. This prevents an attack and you have a much better view in bad weather. Happy cleaning!

What Type of Washing Service Is Best for Leather Car Seats

Leather seats are a premium upgrade for almost all cars. The reason why they are more expensive is that the material costs more money. Compared to regular seats, they are easier to clean but over longer periods of time, they change their color or accumulate dirt and debris that is difficult to remove. Cleaning the leather seats is a bit different than with regular textile seats.  These tips are brought to you by

To clean leather seats, special detergents must be used. Some may choose to do it on their own, at home. However, there is always the risk of buying the wrong type of cleaning solution or even buying a poor quality one that may leave stains on the seat. The best way to get around this and avoid causing more damage is to take the car to a professional detailer.

All car detailers have more than enough knowledge, skill, and practice to properly clean leather seats. They use professional cleaning solutions for leather seats that are known to offer positive results and have been tested by them. In the event that the leather might be damaged in the process, the detailer will be the one taking responsibility. Knowing that they are accountable also means that they will never use poor quality products. Such services are a bit more expensive.

However, it is worth investing in a full interior detail and not just cleaning the seats. The detailing package is much more advantageous, and it will have the entire interior properly cleaned in one go. Also, cleaning the leather seats on your own may prove to be quite expensive. It will take a bit of time to choose the products and there are a lot of things that need to be purchased including the cleaning solution, sponges, cleaning cloths, soft brushes. A detailer will have everything needed so you do not have to waste time shopping or cleaning the seats.

Why Lockout and Tagout Procedure Are Important For Car Washes

When starting a car wash business, client satisfaction is a common goal for most businesses. Apart from that, reputable businesses or entrepreneurs like oil change Oceanside do not only focus on client satisfaction, and profit factor but also looks forward to the safety of their employees.

One of the safety procedures that should not be overlooked by any car wash owners is the installation of a lockout and tagout system (LOTO).

What Is Lockout, and Ragout Procedure In Car Wash?

A lockout and tagout procedure (LOTO) is a safety procedure primarily designed to keep the cars being washed, and the equipment completely shut off during washing.

The primary importance of lockout and tagout procedures for car washes are two:

1. To Comply With OSHA Rules

The Occupational Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) demands that each car wash business follows the LOTO procedures when in operation. Failure to which your license or business permits would be revoked or suspended.

2. Safety Concern

The LOTO procedures do not only provide cushion to your business but also play a vital role in the safety of your employees. When you follow the LOTO procedures guidelines, you prevent accidents that could inflict serious injuries to the workmen in your station.


The equipment used in a car wash is usually very powerful. They use a lot of pressures, involve moving parts, and have voltages of varying strengths spread out in slippery and wet regions that are fitted with hoses, and conveyors. It’s therefore vital for car washes to have a LOTO system to protect employees from casualties that can be caused by this equipment. Besides, if you are planning to invest in car wash business, be sure to review all the laid down regulations. They will help you come up with appropriate safety procedures plus workshops/training programs on safety precautions for your staff.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Regular Car Wash

Car owners usually visit the car wash for different occasions and reasons. Some take their cars to the car wash to keep them neat and also have a decent look. Others visit the car wash when they notice that dirt has accumulated in their cars and it has changed the color of their vehicle to something different. As a car owner, tires Murrieta wants you to understand the importance of washing your car regularly.

Below are the 5 reasons why you should get a regular car wash

1. Avoiding damage

When driving on muddy roads things such as mud, dirt and sometimes rain can attach themselves to the surface of your car, and you may not notice at first. They contain minerals that can create damage to the paint on your vehicle. Due to this, it is necessary to have your car washed regularly. This will get rid of impurities using the shortest time possible. Rain cause also causes damage to the color of your vehicle if it’s not washed appropriately in the space of a few days.

2. Increasing the Value

If you have plans of trading or selling your vehicle in upcoming months or later in the future, then it’s essential to keep your car looking great, regular car washes are one of the ways of ensuring your vehicle has a great look, by getting rid of scratches, rust and many other issues that degrade the look of your car.

3. A Clean Look

If you notice you are getting dirt on your hands especially when shutting down your trunk, then you should wash your car regularly to get rid avoid this issue. By washing your vehicle regularly, you can enhance the look of your car.

4. Improving Safety

Regular cleaning of the car ensures that all the debris in mirrors, windows, and even tires are removed and this improves your safety when driving as you will have no worries of these areas accumulating. You will have your confidence boosted because you are sure that your car’s windshield, side mirrors are cleaned and safe for your next journey.

5. Improving the Condition

Most car wash usually makes use of water and soap in washing your car. Soap and water will get rid of impurities from the cars auto body, and this will prevent your car parts as well as paint from deteriorating. As time goes by it can enhance the overall cars look which increases its longevity.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Washed?

How often a car should be washed is a question that every car owner ask themselves now and then, if you have ever wondered this, read more. Well, the answer to this question can be entirely subjective and pretty much confusing especially if to new car owners.

There is no precise number of times that you should wash your car. You could wash your car every day if you like. But is that the recommended frequency of car washing? Washing your car every day can be time-consuming, costly and of course tiresome. Therefore to wash your car as needed, there are a few defining factors to consider.

  • Where you live and the types of roads you encounter
  • Where you keep your car. Do you keep it inside or outside?
  • How you wash
  • The color of your vehicle
  • Usage
  • Weather
  • Type of protection you use- wax or ceramic coating

If you live in an area around salty water, it is recommended to wash your car after every ten days. Salt and sand destroy car finish if left to stick for a long time. By contrast, if you live in dusty and windy areas, it is recommended to wash your car 3 to 4 times every month.

Additionally, if you own a bright colored car and you happen to keep it outside or have frequent usage, washing it more often maybe inevitable as your car might appear rusty and dusty.

Nevertheless, how you wash your car is more important than how often you wash your car. If you wash your car wrongly, then it might not be such a bad idea to wash your car daily.

Bottom Line

It is recommended to wash your car regularly. But how regular is all dependent on your judgment. If after considering all the above factors your car poses no worrying hazards, then you can follow the general rule of washing your car every two weeks.  If any of these conditions exist, consider washing weekly.

What Makes A Perfect Car Wash?

A lot of people can’t perform a good car wash at home and a large percent have tried it once but the results weren’t so praising. While you can find a car wash in almost all corners of the streets or call a mobile detailer to offer the service at your location, you can as well do the job yourself. In all these, what you will be looking for at the end is a perfect wash. The bigger question that arises is, what makes a perfect car wash?  If you have ever wondered this read more.

Let’s look at what constitutes a perfect wash

(1). Starting with the interior

You should begin with opening the doors to allow fresh air circulation in the car and clean all the big trash out of the car. Vacuum the interior, carpets, seats, air vents, and dashboard as well as the trunk. Using a microfiber towel, wipe-down all the surfaces. Use plastic dressing for plastic surfaces and leather conditioning for leather seats. These products will leave your car smelling very nice. Additionally, you can use rubber/vinyl gloves to remove pet hair.

(2). Cleaning the windows

This is the last step of cleaning the interior and you can use a special window cleaner. Use the same approach to clean but don’t go circles. You can choose to go straight from left to right or top to bottom. After cleaning in the interior, go to clean the windows on the exterior and apply the same moves.

(3). Washing the bodywork.

 To do this you require detailing soap and buckets. You can use a microfiber towel or a hose and then dry the car. You can also use waterless products and, in this case, you will require two microfiber towels.

(4). Providing extra care

This can involve engine cleaning, removing tree sap and water spots as well as headlight restoration.

(5). Dressing the tires and cleaning the wheel.

This is the last step and involves spraying grease remover on the wheels and cleaning using a rag. Then apply a tire dressing product to give a shiny look the wheels.

Difference Between Car Wash And Car Detailing

Do you own a car? Can you be able to differentiate when your vehicle is being washed or detailed? Well, that’s a popular question that we get here at rancho auto repair from our clients. Many of them don’t realize that there’s a significant difference that exists between the two. However, both detailing and washing help to keep your car looking great. Let’s briefly look at what is the difference between car wash and car detailing?

Car detailing

This involves cleaning and reconditioning both the interior and exterior of your car. This is more of a long-term investment in your vehicle. It entails

  • Removing bugs and tars
  • Degreasing the exterior
  • Cleaning outside rubbers and plastics
  • Cleaning up engine and tires
  • Addressing vents, scratches, and headlights
  • Deep cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Applying special treatment like window tinting

The aim of detailing is restoring the paintwork and making it look almost brand new. This is more expensive compared to the standard car wash and should not be done frequently. Additionally, it addresses long term wear and tears as well as reducing the aging of your car. The service takes more time than washing. A good car detailing can bring your car to its original beauty and boost its value.

Car wash

This involves basic care to keep your car clean and shiny on the outside. It entails giving your car a general clean unlike detailing which cleans every part of the car. Car washing involves removing dirt, dust, grime, salt, and other unwanted debris from the exterior. This can be done more frequently and the service takes lesser time compared to car detailing. it’s recommended that your car be washed twice a month while you can expect to detail it twice in a year. The cost of this service is more affordable and can be done either by hand or a machine.

Does your car need a basic wash or a deep clean? Learn about the differences between washing and detailing.

Tips To Prevent Damage When Doing Your Car Wash

Owning a vehicle does not just mean getting from point A to point B easily. An automobile must be maintained and cleaned. To own a car is therefore also to clean it, from the inside and the outside. A vehicle can be washed by hand or at the car wash. Our specialty is transmission repair near me but we understand the importance of a clean car. So we give you tips and car wash tips.

What should you watch out for during an automatic wash?

Brushless is best

Car washes that use brushes can leave small scratches in a car’s finish. Even better is the touchless car wash, using only high-pressure water jets and detergents to clean the car – without physically touching the car. With this system there is virtually no chance of your vehicle suffering any cosmetic damage.

Watch out for the wipe-down.

Preferable would be the use of strong jet of heated air to force excess water off after the car goes through the wash.

Hold off on the extras stick to what you actually need.

Extra seal coats are usually not worth the money however an undercarriage bath, it may be worth an additional cost.

Spray-on wax typically adds at least a couple bucks to the cost of the wash, it won’t hurt your car but is no substitute for hand-applied wax or polish.

Wheel and tire cleaning is an exception; the heavy-duty cleaners used by the car wash do a great job of removing baked-on brake dust, etc., that can otherwise be a real chore to clean on your own, using over-the-counter cleaners, a hand brush and a hose. It’s especially important to keep aluminum alloy wheels clean; brake dust can permanently stain wheels if it’s not regularly cleaned away.

Make sure to inspect your car before you leave.

If you have a problem make sure you talk to the manager.

Tips for a Manual Car Wash

Wash with car shampoo and rinse well

Apply the soap by gently squeezing your sponge or rag and make circular movements. Shortly after, wash with water and a sponge from top to bottom. Change the water in your bucket regularly. Dry your car.

Clean the doors

Next, clean the door jambs and the interior of the doors when they are closed. Also clean the edges of the trunk with care, as a lot of dust and sand particles accumulate there.

Protect the paint with a glazer or with car wax

Car was or glaze is only recommended only when car is dry. Now you can use different products; from natural wax to nano chemical treatment. Depending on the product used, the paint will be protected for a few weeks to six months.

Clean windows

Your goal is to have crystal clear windows with no traces of grease.  Most window products will leave traces. All you need is to get a glass cleaner and lots of newspaper. Spray the window cleaner on each window. Then, crumple the newspaper and spread while rubbing the product with, making circular motions. Newsprint disperses the product, impregnates it and absorbs it. When it begins to disintegrate or get wet, change it. To wipe, also take a new paper. You will see that your windows will be cleared of all traces. For best results use a newspaper.

Interior cleaning of the vehicle

After cleaning the exterior of the vehicle, the interior cleaning must be carried out. Use specialized leather products to clean all leather equipment. There is a known phrase about leather: leather lives. So, he must be able to breathe and stay smooth. It must, therefore, be treated with a cleaner specifily designed for leather.

However you choose to clean your car, it is good for your car and should be part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Check out some best car wash techniques.

Tips To Choose Perfect Location For Your Car Wash Business

When starting a business the most important thing is to determine the location of your business. Location is an essential factor that determines whether your car wash business thrives or fails. Everybody is aware of how important location is, but selecting the ideal spot for your business can be challenging.

All locations are not suitable for all business types. suggests some factors can enable you to discover the perfect location for your car wash business.

Here are the tips to choose perfect location for your car wash business

Traffic Numbers

A location that attracts more traffic on a weekly or daily basis is ideal in boosting your chances of attracting more customers to your car wash business. Most of the car wash clients make stopovers in areas with higher traffic and increased traffic numbers will enhance your possibilities of finding more customers.


This is one of the most intuitive factors to consider; you should not locate your car wash business in a place where another similar business is situated. You should only do this if you’re intending to provide services which are more superior or charging lower prices because it is usually difficult to find customers in an area where a similar business has established itself in that particular part of the town.

You can still succeed if the demand for car wash services is high. So if the existing car wash is continuously busy, some customers may get disappointed too long waiting hours thereby opting for another car wash services nearby. You can capitalize on this and attract some of the customers.


Safety is a crucial concern when it comes to any business location in different parts of the country. You should avoid locating your car wash business in an area which has high levels of insecurity. Areas with crime rates not conducive for any business as most of the customers get scared of visiting the place which in turn lowers the traffic numbers in the area.

Now to choose the equipment…

Wax Your Car To Protect It From Damages By Winter Elements

A car is a prized possession for the family and deserves regular care and protection measures to maintain it in its best shape. You normally ensure that the mechanical parts are repaired and the oils and lubes are changed in time through regular services. If you are looking for ford repair near me we are here to help.  Preventive maintenance of the car generally takes a back seat causing last minute emergencies and also sharp drop in its expected life. One of the biggest culprits in depreciating your car’s life and value is rust, which occurs due to oxidation of exposed metallic parts. Rusting takes place when pollutants and salts react with metal in presence of water or precipitation. The extra salt put on the road along with rubble during winter to provide protection against ice adds to the problem.

Why waxing your car should be the #1 priority for winter

Although the car’s paint acts as a protection against the oxidation/rusting process, it’s not adequate and moreover the underside portion of the car doesn’t have it. The paint coating gets depleted due to regular wear and tear and scratches. Even though oxidation can affect your car in any season, post winter precipitations are the most dangerous. An additional layer of good quality wax applied in time in a proficient manner can go a long way to safeguard your car’s health and shine. The wax layer applied during winter before the onset of continual precipitation has many advantages and performs numerous functions like:

  • It protects your car’s paint from damages. Therefore it acts as a deterrent against oxidation.
  • A colored wax fills the scratches and not only improves the appearance but also arrests rusting.
  • The unprotected underbelly of the car which is the easiest victim of oxidation gets a longer life thereby allowing you hassle free rides.

Choice of the right type of wax is as critical as timely undertaking of the waxing itself. Factors like your car’s state and color, weather, climatic and road conditions, purpose etc decide the right type of wax. You can yourself wax your car or get professional help for the same. Whichever way you decide to carry out the job, specialist advice is solicited to achieve best results that are effective and economical in the long run.

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Is Car Wash Tax Deductible?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It depends on who is making the claim and for what to use. Expenses can be categorized as business or personal use and depending on the case they can be tax deductible. It can become a bit complicated when a business car is also used for personal trips or a personal car is used for business trips. brings you the following guide.

Personal Use

The car in question can be either personal or it can be a business car. What is important is that the car is used for personal travels. When the car is used for personal travels, none of the expenses associated with it is tax deductible. This includes gas, parking, tolls, and several other expenses, including car washes.

Business Use

Business use can be with either a personal or a business car. If the vehicle is used for example to travel from the workplace to another office location or to a customer, expenses are tax deductible. This includes car washes and even other small things such as an air freshener.

Car is your Business

For example you are a Uber Driver.  Can you write off your car?  Absolutely.  Find out more here

In both cases, it is better to check with your tax accountant just to be safe. He might be able to determine if something is tax deductible and if something is not. Things can become blurry when using a personal car for business use. Mixing personal with business use can make the entire tax return process quite complicated and you can miss on some deductions or you risk trying to deduct an expense that may not be eligible. The tax system is way too complicated and most people do not even know what expenses they can deduct. At the same time, the legislation changes every year and it is possible to get things wrong. The best bet is to check with a tax accountant as he should be aware of any changes that might save you money or might cause you to lose some.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Waterless Car Wash

To most people, washing a car is a daily routine. However, as easy as it may sound, cleaning a vehicle requires maximum caution. There are things you must observe to keep your car safe and avoid damages.

One of the widely used methods of cleaning cars is the use of water. But, you can also use a waterless method to clean your car. If it’s your first time using this method, then it’s important to understand the Do’s and Don’ts of a waterless car wash. Read more to find out how.

The Do’s

1.  Choose the Right Waterless Washing Towel

Take your time to get a washing towel. Use a soft cloth for dry the car. Using a hard material could scratch off paint. Also, ensure that you blot the water up rather than dragging the towel over the paint for the vehicle to retain its shine.

2.  Wipe in One Direction

Note that when wiping you should not exert too much pressure on the towel as this could result in scratches. A good approach is to wipe in one direction.

3.  Do Check the Cleanliness of the Towel

When washing the car, keep checking the sides of the towel. When one side becomes dirty and greasy, turn to the other. This way, you will avoid rubbing the dirt accumulation on the towel to other parts of the car which can damage the paint.

The Don’ts

1.  Don’t Wait Until Your Car is Extremely Dirty

Although it is recommendable that you only wash the vehicle when necessary, it does not mean that you should wait for the dirt to pile up.

2.  Avoid Washing the Car When it is Extremely Hot

Do not rush into cleaning it immediately after a long drive or after parking in direct sunlight for long. This is because heat makes cleaning difficult and may result in the formation of spots and dirt deposits. If you want to maintain your car super clean and still use the waterless method, then these are some of the things to keep in mind. While cleanliness is important, you don’t want to damage your car as it could be costly in the long run.

Tips to Scratch Free Car Wash

Washing your car regularly is very crucial has it boost the durability of your car. Besides, who doesn’t want to ride in a super clean car?

But before you set out to wash your car, wants to bring you some tips to do it correctly. You can end up damaging the paint through the scratches you cause as you wash the car. So, if you want to keep your paint job safe, make sure you follow these top tips to scratch free car wash.

Tips for a Scratch Free Car Wash

1.  Don’t Rub Dirt on the Paint

Dirt is the number one enemy to your car’s paint. By rubbing dirt around the car when washing it, you will be leaving ugly swirl and scratch marks. To avoid this, begin by rising the car properly to get rid of dirt before you begin washing.

2.  Wash Your Bucket and Mitt

Once you are done rising the car, make sure you properly wash the tools you used to rinse. This will enable you to get rid of the dirt they might be carrying.

3.  Wash Under Hood, Tires, and Jambs

Starting with these parts will enable you to avoid smearing dirt on critical areas of your car. In fact, you should consider getting a different mitt and bucket for use in this process.

4.  Clean the Inside

Cleaning the outside first is not advisable because dirt from the inside can still end up on the cleaned paint surface. A good approach when doing this is to use an air compressor to blow dirt out then vacuum and whip down the interior.

5.  Wash the Outside

When washing the outside, it is recommended that you use a different mitt and bucket. This is to prevent dirt from getting to this part. Once you are done, rinse the surface with clean water on low pressure. Also, avoid allowing the soap to dry on the surface of your car.

6.  Dry the Car

Drying the car requires great care. You should use only clean materials free from any sought of dirt. Also, do it gently to avoid mounting pressure which could cause scratches if you accidentally come in contact with dirt.


If you need a clean scratch free car, then these tips will enable you to get that. Follow them, and you will reduce the chances of getting any scratches and swirl marks when washing your car.How to Prevent Scratches, Swirls on a Black Car