Do you own a car? Can you be able to differentiate when your vehicle is being washed or detailed? Well, that’s a popular question that we get here at rancho auto repair from our clients. Many of them don’t realize that there’s a significant difference that exists between the two. However, both detailing and washing help to keep your car looking great. Let’s briefly look at what is the difference between car wash and car detailing?

Car detailing

This involves cleaning and reconditioning both the interior and exterior of your car. This is more of a long-term investment in your vehicle. It entails

  • Removing bugs and tars
  • Degreasing the exterior
  • Cleaning outside rubbers and plastics
  • Cleaning up engine and tires
  • Addressing vents, scratches, and headlights
  • Deep cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Applying special treatment like window tinting

The aim of detailing is restoring the paintwork and making it look almost brand new. This is more expensive compared to the standard car wash and should not be done frequently. Additionally, it addresses long term wear and tears as well as reducing the aging of your car. The service takes more time than washing. A good car detailing can bring your car to its original beauty and boost its value.

Car wash

This involves basic care to keep your car clean and shiny on the outside. It entails giving your car a general clean unlike detailing which cleans every part of the car. Car washing involves removing dirt, dust, grime, salt, and other unwanted debris from the exterior. This can be done more frequently and the service takes lesser time compared to car detailing. it’s recommended that your car be washed twice a month while you can expect to detail it twice in a year. The cost of this service is more affordable and can be done either by hand or a machine.

Does your car need a basic wash or a deep clean? Learn about the differences between washing and detailing.