To most people, washing a car is a daily routine. However, as easy as it may sound, cleaning a vehicle requires maximum caution. There are things you must observe to keep your car safe and avoid damages.

One of the widely used methods of cleaning cars is the use of water. But, you can also use a waterless method to clean your car. If it’s your first time using this method, then it’s important to understand the Do’s and Don’ts of a waterless car wash. Read more to find out how.

The Do’s

1.  Choose the Right Waterless Washing Towel

Take your time to get a washing towel. Use a soft cloth for dry the car. Using a hard material could scratch off paint. Also, ensure that you blot the water up rather than dragging the towel over the paint for the vehicle to retain its shine.

2.  Wipe in One Direction

Note that when wiping you should not exert too much pressure on the towel as this could result in scratches. A good approach is to wipe in one direction.

3.  Do Check the Cleanliness of the Towel

When washing the car, keep checking the sides of the towel. When one side becomes dirty and greasy, turn to the other. This way, you will avoid rubbing the dirt accumulation on the towel to other parts of the car which can damage the paint.

The Don’ts

1.  Don’t Wait Until Your Car is Extremely Dirty

Although it is recommendable that you only wash the vehicle when necessary, it does not mean that you should wait for the dirt to pile up.

2.  Avoid Washing the Car When it is Extremely Hot

Do not rush into cleaning it immediately after a long drive or after parking in direct sunlight for long. This is because heat makes cleaning difficult and may result in the formation of spots and dirt deposits. If you want to maintain your car super clean and still use the waterless method, then these are some of the things to keep in mind. While cleanliness is important, you don’t want to damage your car as it could be costly in the long run.