Whether you are driving the latest car brand or the ancient one, we all want our cars to look great. And as long as that car is in use, it accumulates dirt and grimes irrespective of the prevailing weather condition. This leads us to today’s question, hand wash vs automatic car wash, which one is better for you?

Well, at BMW Repair Specialist we understand that for some people, cars tend to hold a greater deal of sentimental value to them and they can’t bear seeing a scratch on them.  Therefore, they prefer hand washing them on their own with the fear that the automatic car wash will cause damages to its glossy finish. However, with reference to a study done by the University of Texas, the results prove otherwise. The report showed that, with just one hand-washing, your car can bear scratches in the finish which can be as deep as 1/10th of the total thickness of the car’s paintwork. Here are some of the reasons that make automatic car wash a better option.

(1). Tools

Hand washing involves tools such as sponges, garden hose, towels and a large volume of water. Sand particles tend to accumulate in the pores of the sponge and the water pressure from the hose can’t fully rinse off the detergent from the car’s finish and this may eventually damage it. On the other hand, automatic car wash uses the right hydraulic pressure, detergent and the pads and curtains moves evenly to nature the paintwork.

(2). Hand washing is time costly

It’s time intensive and doesn’t guarantee good work unlike automatic that uses a machine to quickly perform a remarkable job. But for an experienced detailer, you will get a cleaner car.

(3). Environmental effects

Automatic car wash is friendly to the environment, in that, it uses less water and friendly detergents. Hand washing may cause water pollution as the detergents may enter into the soil and reach the water bodies.