How often a car should be washed is a question that every car owner ask themselves now and then, if you have ever wondered this, read more. Well, the answer to this question can be entirely subjective and pretty much confusing especially if to new car owners.

There is no precise number of times that you should wash your car. You could wash your car every day if you like. But is that the recommended frequency of car washing? Washing your car every day can be time-consuming, costly and of course tiresome. Therefore to wash your car as needed, there are a few defining factors to consider.

  • Where you live and the types of roads you encounter
  • Where you keep your car. Do you keep it inside or outside?
  • How you wash
  • The color of your vehicle
  • Usage
  • Weather
  • Type of protection you use- wax or ceramic coating

If you live in an area around salty water, it is recommended to wash your car after every ten days. Salt and sand destroy car finish if left to stick for a long time. By contrast, if you live in dusty and windy areas, it is recommended to wash your car 3 to 4 times every month.

Additionally, if you own a bright colored car and you happen to keep it outside or have frequent usage, washing it more often maybe inevitable as your car might appear rusty and dusty.

Nevertheless, how you wash your car is more important than how often you wash your car. If you wash your car wrongly, then it might not be such a bad idea to wash your car daily.

Bottom Line

It is recommended to wash your car regularly. But how regular is all dependent on your judgment. If after considering all the above factors your car poses no worrying hazards, then you can follow the general rule of washing your car every two weeks.  If any of these conditions exist, consider washing weekly.