A nice clean car also has clear car windows. This is a real finishing touch after cleaning your car. In addition to the fact that your car looks a lot better, it also provides much less danger for you and other road users.  Read more for some of the best tips to clean and keep your car windows.

The exterior of the windows

First get rid of the insects and other large spots, it is useful to first remove that stubborn layer from your car windows and the rest of your car.  Hosing your car off is helpful.  A quality window cleaner works well.

Bumpers and bodywork

Usually, your bumpers and your body are also covered. Use a sponge for these larger pieces of dirt. In order not to damage your varnish or wax protection, it is advisable to put a stocking around the sponge. When you have removed the larger pieces you can continue with the rest of the cleaning work. The most cost-effective method is to fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a dash of detergent to it. Always use a cleaning cloth or chamois that does not leave any pieces on the car windows.

Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid can be used if your windows are extremely greasy; it is more convenient to add a dash of citric acid or pure alcohol, these remedies work on stubborn dirt. One mistake that people often make is the use of ammonia. This is great stuff for the windows of your house, but not for the car because it can damage the rubber, vinyl or leather of your car!

In addition, the stuff is also not good for your health. Special cleaners have also been developed for car window cleaning. Cleaners of the Aldi or Lidl generally work just as well as expensive brands from car shops. The Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner and Poorboys World Spray and Wipe are well-known examples of this. Make sure that you only spray the windows and not other parts of your car such as the upholstery because that can lead to discoloration.

After you have cleaned them dry the windows well. Then you could have the windows polished so that they shine like never before. Older windows, in particular, can have a lot of scratches and re-polishing is a lot cheaper than the total replacement of your windows. There are specialists who can do this for you, but it helps a lot if you use old newspapers to wipe your windows dry. The ink in the newspapers absorbs the residual particles that were left behind during the cleaning.

The inside of the car windows

You do not have to clean this side of your car window as often, because less dirt gets on it. It is nevertheless useful to take this into account during a major cleaning. It is a lot simpler than the outside because often no hard pieces are stuck to the windows. The best method for cleaning is to use some glass cleaner, such as Glassex.

Then use a piece of kitchen roll towel to thoroughly clean the windows. The cheaper cleaners can be found at the supermarket and the more expensive ones at specialist shops for car parts. The difference is mainly in the smell, the effect is generally the same.

Rainwater = better

If you have the option, don’t use tap water for your bucket, but rainwater that you can collect with a rain barrel, for example. There is no lime in it, so your car is saved from limescale during washing. If you add a peeled onion to the water, your windows will shine even more. If you spend a lot of time along the road, it is handy to keep cleaning wipes in your glove compartment. Brands such as P21S have put special wipes on the market that you can use to clean your windows on the spot.

These bags usually consist of a cleaning cloth and a dry cloth. Also, use this for cleaning your windscreen wipers. A final tip is Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant. Here you can rub the car windows and when it rains it ensures that drops roll directly from your windows. This prevents an attack and you have a much better view in bad weather. Happy cleaning!