When you go to a car wash there are many add-on services that are offered to you.  Which ones should you take and which ones should you skip?  Visit us for more recommendations specifically for your vehicle but read on to find out what we think of anti-rust sprays.

Should I get the anti-rust spray at the car wash?

An anti-rust treatment, in which the metal is treated in such a way that it is protected against corrosion and rust, is a beneficial process for cars that are in wet or snowy areas. However to be truly effective it would be sprayed inside the door panels, under the hood and in the boxed areas of the frame or unibody.  A full rust protection service costs on average $100 – $250 per vehicle, depending on type of vehicle.

The service offered with a carwash charges a few extra dollars to spray a solution on the vehicle’s exterior that washes off quickly and isn’t that effective.  We recommend you skip it.

What about an Undercarriage Wash?

If you live in a wet area, drive through mud or live in an area where the roads are salted in the winter then it is a good idea to get an undercarriage wash at least once a season. 

When your cars exterior protective layers are compromised, or if mud, sand, and salt get stuck in hard-to-clean recesses of a vehicle’s underbody that is when rust is bound to occur.  This requires a special washing to remove this hard to get at debris.

Keep in mind that all carwashes are not the same.  Effective treatment is a high-pressure wash of a car’s undercarriage to remove debris and prevents rust.  Check the underside of your car after the wash to make sure that your car wash can perform an effective service.

If you want to learn more about rustproofing your car read this guide.