When starting a business the most important thing is to determine the location of your business. Location is an essential factor that determines whether your car wash business thrives or fails. Everybody is aware of how important location is, but selecting the ideal spot for your business can be challenging.

All locations are not suitable for all business types. chesterriverautomotive.com suggests some factors can enable you to discover the perfect location for your car wash business.

Here are the tips to choose perfect location for your car wash business

Traffic Numbers

A location that attracts more traffic on a weekly or daily basis is ideal in boosting your chances of attracting more customers to your car wash business. Most of the car wash clients make stopovers in areas with higher traffic and increased traffic numbers will enhance your possibilities of finding more customers.


This is one of the most intuitive factors to consider; you should not locate your car wash business in a place where another similar business is situated. You should only do this if you’re intending to provide services which are more superior or charging lower prices because it is usually difficult to find customers in an area where a similar business has established itself in that particular part of the town.

You can still succeed if the demand for car wash services is high. So if the existing car wash is continuously busy, some customers may get disappointed too long waiting hours thereby opting for another car wash services nearby. You can capitalize on this and attract some of the customers.


Safety is a crucial concern when it comes to any business location in different parts of the country. You should avoid locating your car wash business in an area which has high levels of insecurity. Areas with crime rates not conducive for any business as most of the customers get scared of visiting the place which in turn lowers the traffic numbers in the area.

Now to choose the equipment…