Owning a vehicle does not just mean getting from point A to point B easily. An automobile must be maintained and cleaned. To own a car is therefore also to clean it, from the inside and the outside. A vehicle can be washed by hand or at the car wash. Our specialty is transmission repair near me but we understand the importance of a clean car. So we give you tips and car wash tips.

What should you watch out for during an automatic wash?

Brushless is best

Car washes that use brushes can leave small scratches in a car’s finish. Even better is the touchless car wash, using only high-pressure water jets and detergents to clean the car – without physically touching the car. With this system there is virtually no chance of your vehicle suffering any cosmetic damage.

Watch out for the wipe-down.

Preferable would be the use of strong jet of heated air to force excess water off after the car goes through the wash.

Hold off on the extras stick to what you actually need.

Extra seal coats are usually not worth the money however an undercarriage bath, it may be worth an additional cost.

Spray-on wax typically adds at least a couple bucks to the cost of the wash, it won’t hurt your car but is no substitute for hand-applied wax or polish.

Wheel and tire cleaning is an exception; the heavy-duty cleaners used by the car wash do a great job of removing baked-on brake dust, etc., that can otherwise be a real chore to clean on your own, using over-the-counter cleaners, a hand brush and a hose. It’s especially important to keep aluminum alloy wheels clean; brake dust can permanently stain wheels if it’s not regularly cleaned away.

Make sure to inspect your car before you leave.

If you have a problem make sure you talk to the manager.

Tips for a Manual Car Wash

Wash with car shampoo and rinse well

Apply the soap by gently squeezing your sponge or rag and make circular movements. Shortly after, wash with water and a sponge from top to bottom. Change the water in your bucket regularly. Dry your car.

Clean the doors

Next, clean the door jambs and the interior of the doors when they are closed. Also clean the edges of the trunk with care, as a lot of dust and sand particles accumulate there.

Protect the paint with a glazer or with car wax

Car was or glaze is only recommended only when car is dry. Now you can use different products; from natural wax to nano chemical treatment. Depending on the product used, the paint will be protected for a few weeks to six months.

Clean windows

Your goal is to have crystal clear windows with no traces of grease.  Most window products will leave traces. All you need is to get a glass cleaner and lots of newspaper. Spray the window cleaner on each window. Then, crumple the newspaper and spread while rubbing the product with, making circular motions. Newsprint disperses the product, impregnates it and absorbs it. When it begins to disintegrate or get wet, change it. To wipe, also take a new paper. You will see that your windows will be cleared of all traces. For best results use a newspaper.

Interior cleaning of the vehicle

After cleaning the exterior of the vehicle, the interior cleaning must be carried out. Use specialized leather products to clean all leather equipment. There is a known phrase about leather: leather lives. So, he must be able to breathe and stay smooth. It must, therefore, be treated with a cleaner specifily designed for leather.

However you choose to clean your car, it is good for your car and should be part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Check out some best car wash techniques.