Washing your car regularly is very crucial has it boost the durability of your car. Besides, who doesn’t want to ride in a super clean car?

But before you set out to wash your car, http://autorepairinvista.com/ wants to bring you some tips to do it correctly. You can end up damaging the paint through the scratches you cause as you wash the car. So, if you want to keep your paint job safe, make sure you follow these top tips to scratch free car wash.

Tips for a Scratch Free Car Wash

1.  Don’t Rub Dirt on the Paint

Dirt is the number one enemy to your car’s paint. By rubbing dirt around the car when washing it, you will be leaving ugly swirl and scratch marks. To avoid this, begin by rising the car properly to get rid of dirt before you begin washing.

2.  Wash Your Bucket and Mitt

Once you are done rising the car, make sure you properly wash the tools you used to rinse. This will enable you to get rid of the dirt they might be carrying.

3.  Wash Under Hood, Tires, and Jambs

Starting with these parts will enable you to avoid smearing dirt on critical areas of your car. In fact, you should consider getting a different mitt and bucket for use in this process.

4.  Clean the Inside

Cleaning the outside first is not advisable because dirt from the inside can still end up on the cleaned paint surface. A good approach when doing this is to use an air compressor to blow dirt out then vacuum and whip down the interior.

5.  Wash the Outside

When washing the outside, it is recommended that you use a different mitt and bucket. This is to prevent dirt from getting to this part. Once you are done, rinse the surface with clean water on low pressure. Also, avoid allowing the soap to dry on the surface of your car.

6.  Dry the Car

Drying the car requires great care. You should use only clean materials free from any sought of dirt. Also, do it gently to avoid mounting pressure which could cause scratches if you accidentally come in contact with dirt.


If you need a clean scratch free car, then these tips will enable you to get that. Follow them, and you will reduce the chances of getting any scratches and swirl marks when washing your car.How to Prevent Scratches, Swirls on a Black Car