A car is a prized possession for the family and deserves regular care and protection measures to maintain it in its best shape. You normally ensure that the mechanical parts are repaired and the oils and lubes are changed in time through regular services. If you are looking for ford repair near me we are here to help.  Preventive maintenance of the car generally takes a back seat causing last minute emergencies and also sharp drop in its expected life. One of the biggest culprits in depreciating your car’s life and value is rust, which occurs due to oxidation of exposed metallic parts. Rusting takes place when pollutants and salts react with metal in presence of water or precipitation. The extra salt put on the road along with rubble during winter to provide protection against ice adds to the problem.

Why waxing your car should be the #1 priority for winter

Although the car’s paint acts as a protection against the oxidation/rusting process, it’s not adequate and moreover the underside portion of the car doesn’t have it. The paint coating gets depleted due to regular wear and tear and scratches. Even though oxidation can affect your car in any season, post winter precipitations are the most dangerous. An additional layer of good quality wax applied in time in a proficient manner can go a long way to safeguard your car’s health and shine. The wax layer applied during winter before the onset of continual precipitation has many advantages and performs numerous functions like:

  • It protects your car’s paint from damages. Therefore it acts as a deterrent against oxidation.
  • A colored wax fills the scratches and not only improves the appearance but also arrests rusting.
  • The unprotected underbelly of the car which is the easiest victim of oxidation gets a longer life thereby allowing you hassle free rides.

Choice of the right type of wax is as critical as timely undertaking of the waxing itself. Factors like your car’s state and color, weather, climatic and road conditions, purpose etc decide the right type of wax. You can yourself wax your car or get professional help for the same. Whichever way you decide to carry out the job, specialist advice is solicited to achieve best results that are effective and economical in the long run.

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