A lot of people can’t perform a good car wash at home and a large percent have tried it once but the results weren’t so praising. While you can find a car wash in almost all corners of the streets or call a mobile detailer to offer the service at your location, you can as well do the job yourself. In all these, what you will be looking for at the end is a perfect wash. The bigger question that arises is, what makes a perfect car wash?  If you have ever wondered this read more.

Let’s look at what constitutes a perfect wash

(1). Starting with the interior

You should begin with opening the doors to allow fresh air circulation in the car and clean all the big trash out of the car. Vacuum the interior, carpets, seats, air vents, and dashboard as well as the trunk. Using a microfiber towel, wipe-down all the surfaces. Use plastic dressing for plastic surfaces and leather conditioning for leather seats. These products will leave your car smelling very nice. Additionally, you can use rubber/vinyl gloves to remove pet hair.

(2). Cleaning the windows

This is the last step of cleaning the interior and you can use a special window cleaner. Use the same approach to clean but don’t go circles. You can choose to go straight from left to right or top to bottom. After cleaning in the interior, go to clean the windows on the exterior and apply the same moves.

(3). Washing the bodywork.

 To do this you require detailing soap and buckets. You can use a microfiber towel or a hose and then dry the car. You can also use waterless products and, in this case, you will require two microfiber towels.

(4). Providing extra care

This can involve engine cleaning, removing tree sap and water spots as well as headlight restoration.

(5). Dressing the tires and cleaning the wheel.

This is the last step and involves spraying grease remover on the wheels and cleaning using a rag. Then apply a tire dressing product to give a shiny look the wheels.