When starting a car wash business, client satisfaction is a common goal for most businesses. Apart from that, reputable businesses or entrepreneurs like oil change Oceanside do not only focus on client satisfaction, and profit factor but also looks forward to the safety of their employees.

One of the safety procedures that should not be overlooked by any car wash owners is the installation of a lockout and tagout system (LOTO).

What Is Lockout, and Ragout Procedure In Car Wash?

A lockout and tagout procedure (LOTO) is a safety procedure primarily designed to keep the cars being washed, and the equipment completely shut off during washing.

The primary importance of lockout and tagout procedures for car washes are two:

1. To Comply With OSHA Rules

The Occupational Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) demands that each car wash business follows the LOTO procedures when in operation. Failure to which your license or business permits would be revoked or suspended.

2. Safety Concern

The LOTO procedures do not only provide cushion to your business but also play a vital role in the safety of your employees. When you follow the LOTO procedures guidelines, you prevent accidents that could inflict serious injuries to the workmen in your station.


The equipment used in a car wash is usually very powerful. They use a lot of pressures, involve moving parts, and have voltages of varying strengths spread out in slippery and wet regions that are fitted with hoses, and conveyors. It’s therefore vital for car washes to have a LOTO system to protect employees from casualties that can be caused by this equipment. Besides, if you are planning to invest in car wash business, be sure to review all the laid down regulations. They will help you come up with appropriate safety procedures plus workshops/training programs on safety precautions for your staff.