Keeping the car clean and the paint in good condition means that you need to wash your car frequently.  If it is not done right, it can cause damage to the paint that is expensive to repair or in some cases, irreversible. In the same way Our Services are always done right the first time.  A professional car washer can help protect the paint by following some simple guidelines. They will not skip certain steps in their washing routines and will take their time to ensure that the job is done properly.

How Professionals Wash Cars

First, professional car washers have access to what regular folks know as professional grade products. This means that they have better car shampoo, industrial grade power washers, polishing tools, high-quality degreasers, wax and so on. They follow a strict multi-step cleaning process that removes dirt, impurities and protects the paint.

Protecting the Paint Using the Right Tools and Techniques

A professional will always use clean microfiber cloths, grit guards, clean washing mist and dedicated car products. Professionals will always use a new microfiber towel is the one being used is dirty. The impurities lifted off the paint of the car that got stuck into the towel can scratch the clear coat. Therefore, they always use clean microfiber towels. It is probably the most important know trick used by professionals.

Grit guars used in buckets also help a lot. When a towel is rinsed in clean water, the impurities that end up in the water will stay at the bottom of the bucket and the grit guard will prevent the towel from getting filled again with dirt.

To get long lasting results, professionals will also use finishing products and will apply a wax coat onto the paint. This will prevent impurities from sticking directly onto the paint and will offer protection that lasts for several months. If done on a regular basis, the car paint will remain preserved for many years and will not require polishing to remove the haziness from the clear coat.

But do you need the extra services the professionals offer?  Find out which ones are worth the extra money.